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Top 10 B Grade Movies in India

Generally we don’t focus on types and categorization of movies before watching. But, we have distributed the film or movies according to their content and representation. Our Censor board normally marks movies according to their existing adult level of content.

A – Movies with high level of violence and adult scene and content.

U/A – Movies with Average level of Violence and Adult Scene. These types of movies are meant for adult including youth.

U – Movies for general public with general content. This type of movie contains very low level of adult content.
But, there is another level of categorization that exists in our society and mindset. That Level is

A Grade: These movies produced under a high level of banner with high budget on genuine concept / storyline. In this type of movies, our star (actor/ actress) works.

B Grade: These movies produced and directed under or by local type of house. They don’t have any concept and normally these types of movies represent adult content to gather more views.

C Grade: These movies are those which don’t have direction. Waste level of recording and dialogues without considerable planning.

Here we are mentioning Top 10 B Grade Movies in India:

1. Retake Phir Ek Baar

2. Free Entry

3. Angoor

4. Rain – The Terror with in

5. Karar




9. Fun can be dangerous sometimes

10. Bobby