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Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2019

Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2019

Countdown to the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 has started. This is the 17th Lok Sabha has to conduct in 2019. There are total 543 Seats for the lok sabha election and 272 seats needed for a majority. At present, the Modi government, who has been ruling the state, has won a tremendous majority in the last Lok Sabha elections. Now the first term of the Modi government is in its last phase and for the year 2019 the opposition has also started its preparations. Now there are many questions on which a discussion has started in the political corridor.

The next Lok Sabha election is held in May 2019. The main parties for Lok Sabha election 2019 are the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), Indian National Congress(INC) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Opinion Poll Results

Date Polling agency NDA Other UPA Lead
Jan 2018 Republic-CVoter 335 119 89 216
Jan 2018 India Today 309 132 102 177
Jan 2018 ABP News-CSDS 301 115 127 174
Aug 2017 India Today 349 119 75 230
Jan 2017 India Today 370 123 60 237
Aug 2016 India Today 304 145 94 159
Feb 2016 India Today 286 147 110 139
Aug 2015 India Today 288 174 81 114
Apr-May 2014 General election results 336 147 60 189

Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll by Republic – CVoter

According to C-Voter survey, the saffron party is expected to win 279 seats this time as opposed to the 282 in previous elections. In terms of vote share, while the NDA will register a 1.7 percent rise, UPA’s share will go up by 4.1 percent.

Party Seats
NDA 335
Other 119
UPA 89
Lead 216

Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll by India Today – Karvey Insight

The Mood of the Nation (MOTN) poll also said that if the Lok Sabha elections are held today, the NDA will win 309 of 543 seats, down from 336 it had won in 2014. In terms of vote share, that is 40 per cent of India’s electorate. On the other hand, the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance will win 102 seats with a vote share of 27 per cent. Other parties may command a vote share of 33 per cent, translating into 132 seats.

Party Seats
NDA 309
Other 132
UPA 102
Lead 177

Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll by ABP News-CSDS

These surveys have been conducted between January 7 and 20. In 19 states, 14336 voters have been known for 175 Lok Sabha seats. According to ABP News – CSDS opinion poll servey if the Lok Sabha elections are held today, the NDA will win 301 seats of 543 seats. On the other hand Congress (UPA) will win only 127 seats and other parties may win only 115 seats among 543 seats.

Party Seats
NDA 301
Other 115
UPA 127
Lead 174

Who Will Win Lok Sabha Election 2019 Predictions Wise

According to all opinion poll this year BJP remains on the prime minister position in 2019 also. All survey result claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity remained intact since he assumed office as he received a whopping 53 percent people’s backing as the next prime minister.

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