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Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2019

Lok Sabha Election Opinion Poll 2019

Lok Sabha Elections or General Elections 2019 will be held this year i.e likely in the month of April or May. Elections Commission of India will announce soon the dates of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Congress, BJP and other political parties of India started to finalize the contesting candidates for each parliamentary constituencies. There are total 543 seats in Lok Sabha and any party need to win 272 seats to run the government in India. In 2014 general elections BJP had won 282 seats and INC was won 60 seats in the elections. BJP leader, Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India. Many polling agencies of India has published their 2019 opinion poll on Lok Sabha Elections.

Scroll down the page and know our upcoming prime minister of India according to opinion poll……

Latest Lok Sabha Opinion Poll by Times Now-VMR survey

On 31st January, Times Now-VMR survey has released. According to the survey upcoming general election has predicted a hung Lok Sabha in 2019. BJP-led NDA may be win 252 seats out of 545-member house followed by Congress-led UPA with 147 seats and other may win 144 seats.

Lok Sabha Opinion Poll 2019: Here are projected Lok Sabha seats of BJP, Congress and other parties

As per opinion poll, NDA is winning more seats than UPA. According to the latest opinion poll by ABP News and India Today NDA is going to win more seats than UPA, but not getting any majority seat by any party.

Published Dates Polling agency NDA UPA Others Majority
Jan-19 ABP News -Cvoter 233 167 143 Hung
Jan-19 India Today -Karvy 237 166 140 Hung
Jan-19 VDP Associates 225 167 150 Hung
Dec-18 India Today 257 146 140 Hung
Dec-18 ABP News – C Voter 247 171 125 Hung
Dec-18 India TV – CNX 281 124 138 9
Nov-18 ABP News – C Voter 261 119 163 Hung
Oct-18 ABP News-CSDS 276 112 155 4
Aug-18 India Today- Karvy 281 122 140 9
May-18 ABP News-CSDS 274 164 105 2
Jan-18 Republic-CVoter 335 89 119 63
Jan-18 India Today 309 102 132 37
Aug-17 India Today 349 75 119 77
Jan-17 India Today 370 60 123 98
Aug-16 India Today 304 94 145 32
Feb-16 India Today 286 110 147 14
Aug-15 India Today 288 81 174 16
April-May 2014 General election results 336 60 113 64

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Vote Share Prediction

Also Check here Lok Sabha Elections 2019 vote share of BJP, NDA and Other political parties according to Republic TV – Cvoter and India Today -Karvy. This voter prediction published in the month of Jan 2019.

Date Published Polling agency NDA UPA Others Lead
Jan-19 Republic TV – Cvoter 37.60% 32.20% 30.20% 5.40%
Jan-19 India Today -Karvy 35% 33% 32% 2%

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – Opinion Poll on Politicians (i.e Who will be Next Prime Minister)

India Today – Karvy published polling results on politicians i.e who will be next prime minister of India according to the opinion poll.

Date Published Polling agency Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi Mamata Banerjee Priyanka Gandhi Arun Jaitley Lead
Jan-19 India Today – Karvy 46% 34% 3% 2% 2% 12%

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