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Baisakhi Festival in India 2018 – Best Wishes, Date & Time

Baisakhi Festival in India 2018 – Best Wishes, Date & Time

Baisakhi is a harvest festival which celebrated in Punjab. This festival is celebrated for birth of the Khalsa of Sikh and commemorates the formation of Khalsa panth of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. This festival is celebrated by the Hindus and Punjabi. Baisakhi basically celebrated in the 2nd week of April month every year.

Baisakhi 2018 – Date & Time

April 13-14 every year.

Baisakhi 2018 – Where to Celebrated?

Throughout the state of Punjab, particularly in Amritsar.

How to celebrate Baisakhi Festival in India ?

There are lots of virtual thing in this festival. Firstly Sikhs visit in the gurudwara to attend special prayer. Mostly Sikhs bath in the Golden Temple in Amritsar or Anandpur Sahib.

There are lots of people visit Golden Temple on this day. The Granth Sahib is bathed with milk and water, placed on a throne, and read. Karah prasad (sacred pudding made from butter, sugar and flour) is distributed.

In the afternoon, the Granth Sahib is taken out procession, accompanied by music, singing, chanting, and performances. Sikhs also offer also kar serva by helping in the daily chores of the gurudwaras. This is a traditional symbol of humanity for all Sikhs.

Baisakhi 2018 – Images

Baisakhi 2018 – Images
Baisakhi 2018 – ImagesBaisakhi 2018 – Images