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Delhi Assembly Election Result 2020 Live Updates

Delhi Assembly Election Result 2020

Live Updates of Delhi Assembly Election Result 2020. Delhi Legislative Assembly election date is conducted to vote’s poll in a total of 70 Assembly Constituencies in Delhi on (Saturday) 8th February 2020 and the result of Delhi Assembly election 2020 will be declared on (Tuesday) 11th February. The work time of the current Delhi Legislative assembly ends on this 22 February 2020. The result of Delhi Assembly Election 2020 will be announced after the polling ends in all the Legislative Assembly constituencies on voting day on Feb 8. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party), BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) and INC (Indian National Congress) are the fightings for the 70 Assembly constituencies between each other.

Delhi Legislative Assembly Election Result 2020 live

Vote Share AAP (Aam Aadmi Party)BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)INC (Indian National Congress)
Votes 44 Seats Won 5 Seats Won0
>+/- %000000
>Seats Won000000
>+/- Seats-23 Seats+2 Seats

Delhi Legislative Assembly Election Result 2020 Constituencies Wise

Assembly ConstituencyWinnerRunner UpMargin
1NarelaTBA TBA TBA    
2BurariTBA TBA TBA    
3TimarpurTBA TBA TBA    
4Adarsh NagarTBA TBA TBA    
5BadliTBA TBA TBA    
6RithalaTBA TBA TBA    
7BawanaTBA TBA TBA    
8MundkaTBA TBA TBA    
9KirariTBA TBA TBA    
10Sultan Pur MajraTBA TBA TBA    
11Nangloi JatTBA TBA TBA    
12Mangol PuriTBA TBA TBA    
13RohiniTBA TBA TBA    
14Shalimar BaghTBA TBA TBA    
15Shakur BastiTBA TBA TBA    
16Tri NagarTBA TBA TBA    
17WazirpurTBA TBA TBA    
18Model TownTBA TBA TBA    
19Sadar BazarTBA TBA TBA    
20Chandni ChowkTBA TBA TBA    
21Matia MahalTBA TBA TBA    
22BallimaranTBA TBA TBA    
23Karol BaghTBA TBA TBA    
24Patel NagarTBA TBA TBA    
25Moti NagarTBA TBA TBA    
26MadipurTBA TBA TBA    
27Rajouri GardenTBA TBA TBA    
28Hari NagarTBA TBA TBA    
29Tilak NagarTBA TBA TBA    
30JanakpuriTBA TBA TBA    
31VikaspuriTBA TBA TBA    
32Uttam NagarTBA TBA TBA    
33DwarkaTBA TBA TBA    
34MatialaTBA TBA TBA    
35NajafgarhTBA TBA TBA    
36BijwasanTBA TBA TBA    
37PalamTBA TBA TBA    
38Delhi CantonmentTBA TBA TBA    
39Rajinder NagarTBA TBA TBA    
40New DelhiTBA TBA TBA    
41JangpuraTBA TBA TBA    
42Kasturba NagarTBA TBA TBA    
43Malviya NagarTBA TBA TBA    
44R K PuramTBA TBA TBA    
45MehrauliTBA TBA TBA    
46ChhatarpurTBA TBA TBA    
47DeoliTBA TBA TBA    
48Ambedkar NagarTBA TBA TBA    
49Sangam ViharTBA TBA TBA    
50Greater KailashTBA TBA TBA    
51KalkajiTBA TBA TBA    
52TughlakabadTBA TBA TBA    
53BadarpurTBA TBA TBA    
54OkhlaTBA TBA TBA    
55TrilokpuriTBA TBA TBA    
56KondliTBA TBA TBA    
57PatparganjTBA TBA TBA    
58Laxmi NagarTBA TBA TBA    
59Vishwas NagarTBA TBA TBA    
60Krishna NagarTBA TBA TBA    
61Gandhi NagarTBA TBA TBA    
62ShahdaraTBA TBA TBA    
63SeemapuriTBA TBA TBA    
64Rohtas NagarTBA TBA TBA    
65SeelampurTBA TBA TBA    
66GhondaTBA TBA TBA    
67BabarpurTBA TBA TBA    
68GokalpurTBA TBA TBA    
69MustafabadTBA TBA TBA    
70Karawal NagarTBA TBA TBA

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