People looking for more jobs from Work From Home, 377% increase between February-May

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Between February and May, the search for work from home or remote working jobs in the country has increased by 377 percent amid the Corona virus crisis. According to a report, a report by job-linked website Indeed said that job seekers across the country are showing tremendous interest in jobs with remote working facilities.
This report states that the search has increased with keywords like ‘remote’ and ‘work from home’. Indeed’s report said that search with remote work on its platform in India has recorded an increase of over 377 percent.

Similarly, there has been a huge increase of 168 percent in job posts related to remote work and work from home.

Shashi Kumar, managing director of Indeed India said, “Covid-19 has forced us to change our way of working. Due to this, there has been a lot of increase in remote working and it is likely to continue.

Kumar said that industries will have to think together about the workforce strategy for the coming time. With this, such employees will have to be skilled in new ways, which are expected to be lost.

He said that due to Covid-19, many people’s plans have been postponed for now, but in the meantime it gives us a chance to prepare ourselves.

In some prior studies of Indeed, it was found that 83 percent of the job seekers consider remote work policy as an important aspect. Not only this, 53 percent people were also ready to take less salary on getting the option of remote working.

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