Cricket T20 World Cup 2022

ICC T20 World Cup 2022: ICC ranks TOP Opening pairs ICC T20 WC 2022

babar azam and rohit sharma

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 – Top opening pairs at T20 World Cup: The International Cricket Council has launched the listing of pinnacle opening pairs who will characteristic in the ICC T20 World CUP 2022. India’s opening duo of KL Rahul & Rohit Sharma have been given 2nd billing in the TOP PAIRS list. Pakistan’s in structure pair of Mohd Rizwan & Babar Azam are ranked No. 1

The MRF Tire T20I Batting Rankings examine past performance and recent form as they rank the opening partnerships of the T20 World Cup.

1. Pakistan

Two of the top three batsmen in Pakistans MRF Tier T20I batting rankings give Pakistan its main opening line-up in the ICC Mens T20 World Cup 2022.

Captain Babar Azam and batsman-keeper Mohammad Rizwan have combined for more runs than any other opening pair in T20Is and have been in ominous form after their recent performances against England and in the Asia Cup.

They are also two of the top three riders of last years T20 World Cup and will once again criticize Pakistans chances of challenging for the title with the mediocre standings looking less certain.

Babar Azam

ICC T20I batting ranking: 3
Career average / strike rate: 43.41 / 130.03
Latest T20I scores: 4, 87*, 9, 36, 8

Babar azam

Mohammad Rizwan

ICC T20I batting ranking: 1
Career average / strike rate: 52.53 / 128.57
Latest T20I scores: 1, 63, 88, 8, 88*

2. India

KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma have been one of the most devastating opening duo in five years and will be one of the key players for India to leave the T20 World Cup behind a year later.

Rahul was Indias highest run-scorer in last years tournament but Rohit also has the pedigree to score more runs in major competitions and now looks to lead from the front as captain.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma

ICC T20I batting ranking: 16
Career average / strike rate: 31.94 / 140.59
Latest T20I scores: 0, 43, 0, 17, 46

KL Rahul

ICC T20I batting ranking: 14
Career average / strike rate: 39.57 / 140.40
Latest T20I scores: 57, 51*, 1, 10, 55

3. New Zealand

The 36-year-old veteran Martin Cupdle has been part of a number of impressive pairings over the years and is set to form another pairing with Dion Conway. Wicketkeeper-batsman Conway moved to the top of the order for the recent series against the West Indies and has started fast in all three T20Is.

Young gun Finn Allen is another early choice but the experienced duo will be hoping to get their first chance to lead New Zealand to the mens whiteball title.

Devon Conway

ICC T20I batting ranking: 7
Career average / strike rate: 47.2 / 138.28
Latest T20I scores: 21, 42, 43, 46, 36*

Devon Conway

Martin Guptill

ICC T20I batting ranking: 10
Career average / strike rate: 31.79 / 135.8
Latest T20I scores: 15, 20, 16, 2, 45

Martin Guptill

4. Australia

The winners will begin the T20 World Cup undecided on their chosen starting combination. Captain Aaron Finch took 4 against the West Indies in the last T20I but should start the tournament at the top of the order alongside regular partner David Warner.

The 35-year-old is in reasonable T20I status but could unlock the multi-level of Cameron Greene in the hosts arsenal if called up to the Championship squad.

Aaron Finch

ICC T20I batting ranking: 6
Career average / strike rate: 34.97 / 144.88
Latest T20I scores: 58, 7, 31, 22, 29

David Warner

ICC T20I batting ranking: 48
Career average / strike rate: 33.3 / 141.18
Latest T20I scores: 14, 39, 21, 70*, 53

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka are brimming with confidence after their Asian Cup success and ready to name the tournaments top two batsmen for the T20 World Cup.

Pathum Nissanka and goalkeeper Kosal Mendes both scored well in the AFC Asian Cup and will have a chance to build on that level in first-round matches against lower-tier opponents.

Pathum Nissanka

ICC T20I batting ranking: 8
Career average / strike rate: 29.66 / 115.58
Latest T20I scores: 8, 55*, 52, 35, 20

Kusal Mendis

ICC T20I batting ranking: 56
Career average / strike rate: 20.90 / 126.47
Latest T20I scores: 0, 0, 57, 36, 60

6. Afghanistan

 Afghanistan have tested in most of their series this year but have Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Hazratullah Zazai as their openers. The young duo forged an impressive partnership with 20-year-old wicketkeeper Gurbaz in the Asia Cup especially against Sri Lanka. And keep a close eye on the T20 World Cup.

Rahmanullah Gurbaz

ICC T20I batting ranking: 18
Career average / strike rate: 25.87 / 138.46
Latest T20I scores: 0, 17, 84, 11, 40

Hazratullah Zazai

ICC T20I batting ranking: 21
Career average / strike rate: 32 / 138.92
Latest T20I scores: 0, 21, 13, 23, 37*

7. England

captain and keeper Josh Butler who was excluded from the recent T20I series in Pakistan will start the England batting alongside Alex Hales or Phil Salt. Buttler can punish loose bowlers early on but will need to find his best form soon after suspension while Hales can dominate the innings but any strong start will require more effort.

Jos Buttler

ICC T20I batting ranking: 26
Career average / strike rate: 32.75 / 142.57
Latest T20I scores: 14, 29, 22, 18, 4

Alex Hales

ICC T20I batting ranking: 166
Career average / strike rate: 30.06 / 136.98
Latest T20I scores: 18, 27, 1, 5, 26

8. South African

captain Temba Babuma will return from elbow surgery and join Quinton de Cock. Especially since Bavma is starting from where he left off after a series of bad points before the injury.

Quinton de Kock

ICC T20I batting ranking: 12
Career average / strike rate: 32.25 / 134.12
Latest T20I scores: 68, 69*, 1, 7, 7

Temba Bavuma

ICC T20I batting ranking: 89
Career average / strike rate: 23.54 / 116.49
Latest T20I scores: 3, 0, 0, *8, 8


Ireland will field their best batsmen at the top of the order as they rely on Paul Striueling and Andy Balbirne to play most of their innings and overs. About One Post raw cloth while Balbirnie boatmen can usually rely on sound principles.

Paul Stirling

ICC T20I batting ranking: 27
Career average / strike rate: 28.67 / 134.84
Latest T20I scores: 16, 20, 0, 4, 31

Andy Balbirnie

ICC T20I batting ranking: 49
Career average / strike rate: 23.33 / 126.00
Latest T20I scores: 9, 15, 1, 46, 51

10. UAE

 UAE have a solid opening pair of Muhammad Waseem and Chirag Suri who now have a chance to showcase their talents on a bigger stage. Wasim was expected to lead the way from the early attack but Suri has also shown excellent goalscoring ability for a team looking for form after a disappointing Asia Cup.

Muhammad Waseem

ICC T20I batting ranking: 9
Career average / strike rate: 40.62 / 152.58
Latest T20I scores: 18, 15, 18, 58, 35

muhammad waseem

Chirag Suri

ICC T20I batting ranking: 77
Career average / strike rate: 30.42 / 118.23
Latest T20I scores: 5, 39, 4, 0, 88

11. west indies

Two-time T20 World Cup champions Soindians were asked if they would form the top order with Kyle Mayers and partner Brendan King.

King can do damage on the first drop but the West Indies may prefer to start with their two more destructive batsmen despite the recalled Shamra Brooks and Evan Lewis claiming the opening batsman role.

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Brandon King

ICC T20I batting ranking: 19
Career average / strike rate: 24.69 / 127.12
Latest T20I scores: 12, 53, 13, 20, 68

Kyle Mayers

ICC T20I batting ranking: 76
Career average / strike rate: 24.53 / 130.96
Latest T20I scores: 39, 4, 1, 14, 73

12. Scotlands

George Munsey is looking for a new opening partner after former captain Kyle Coetzer along with Callum McLeod retired from T20I. The pair will have the chance to work with Matthew Cross in the next series of their first-round partnership if reinforcements or scrambling are needed.

George Munsey

ICC T20I batting ranking: 25
Career average / strike rate: 27.43 / 144.72
Latest T20I scores: 19, 28, 17, 24, 22

Calum MacLeod

ICC T20I batting ranking: 78
Career average / strike rate: 24.28 / 111.00
Latest T20I scores: 33, 16, 12, 0, 0

13. Zimbabwean

 veterans Craig Irvine and Regis Chakabuba see Zimbabwe in strong form at the top as they return to the T20 World Cup after failing to qualify for the 2021 tournament. Make it look. Captain Owen can count on an early contribution to allow wicketkeeper Chakabva to attack the opposition bowlers while also playing in a relatively conservative fashion.

Craig Ervine

ICC T20I batting ranking: 94
Career average / strike rate: 22.66 / 107.59
Latest T20I scores: 24, 1, 21, 10, 38

Regis Chakabva

ICC T20I batting ranking: 102
Career average / strike rate: 16.33 / 129.20
Latest T20I scores: 17, 0, 8, 27, 30


 Max O’Dowd and Stephan Myburgh will be expected in the first round of the group to lay a solid foundation for the Netherlands who are confident of qualification. This will be oud and should produce a fast start at the same time. The 38-year-old Myburgh veteran took the opportunity to test himself against the best bowlers as he made his final appearance on the biggest stage.

Max O’Dowd

ICC T20I batting ranking: 47
Career average / strike rate: 29.28 / 124.03
Latest T20I scores: 6, 2, 12, 16, 73

Stephan Myburgh

ICC T20I batting ranking: 149
Career average / strike rate: 22.15 / 115.04
Latest T20I scores: 24, 5, 22, 0, 0

15. Bangladesh

 Bangladesh have tried the most combinations this year but their opening pair of Mehidy Hasan Miraz and Sabir Rahman looks fine. The 24-year-old Miraz now a star with over 100 international caps at youth level is in good form and will finally get a chance to make his mark at the senior level and Rahman will want to be consistent.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz

ICC T20I batting ranking: 151
Career average / strike rate: 15.83 / 121.01
Latest T20I scores: 46, 12, 38, 19, 8

Sabbir Rahman

ICC T20I batting ranking: 589
Career average / strike rate: 23.48 / 120.22
Latest T20I scores: 12, 0, 5, 1, 24

16. Namibia

After the recent retirement of Craig Williams Namibia can expect Dewan Lacock and the inexperienced Michael Van Lincoln to open their roles. The 19-year-old is emerging as one of the brightest young talents in emerging squads while Van Lincoln is likely to secure his place in the first round of competitions.

Divan la Cock

ICC T20I batting ranking: NA
Career average / strike rate: 29.66 / 121.91
Latest T20I scores: 14, 9, 66

Divan la Cock

Michael van Lingen

ICC T20I batting ranking: NA
Career average / strike rate: 19.29 / 104.65
Latest T20I scores: 12, 51, 14, 25, 4