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15 Interesting Things About India You Don’t Know

15 Interesting Things About India You Don’t Know

India is the most democracy country in the world who known as Republic of India. India is a country in based in South Asia. India is the 7th largest Country in the world with the population of billions. India is the most powerful and culture country in the whole world. Thousands of the years, modern India is profoundly different. India is the most interesting countries and destinations. There are some interesting things about India who people don’t know.

Top Interesting Things about India

  1. Bollywood’s highest grossing film made 27x more than Hollywood’s highest grossing film. Every 600 films made by Hollywood producer and 1000 films made by Bollywood producers.
  2. Shampoo was first time invented in 16th century in India.
  3. Diamonds were first mined in India and it was the world’s greatest producer. India was the most productive of diamonds minding country of the world and the Kohinoor Diamond is the famous diamond founded in 13th century in India.
  4. Elephants in Kerala can treat themselves to a spa day.
  5. The largest religious gathering in India can be seen from space. Kumbh Mela is the most religious gathering in India.
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  7. India is home to every major world religion and doesn’t have a national language.
  8. A polling station is set up for just one voter in GIR Forest at every election.
  9. The Indian Government has used scaffolding to hide the Taj Mahal when air strikes are predicted.

  10. Indian invented navigation, Yoga, the world’s cheapest car and thorium-based nuclear power. Yoga is created by the thousands year ago in India. Tata Nano is the most cheapest car invented in India.
  11. You can stay at the former Indian royal residence for INR 88.000 a night.
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  13. King Jai Singh of Alwar snubbed Rolls Royce in the best possible way.
  14. 1,000,000 Indians are Millionaires.
  15. The 1st account of plastic surgery was founded in an ancient Sanskrit Text.
  16. One of India’s most extravagant wedding caused controversy because it was too extravagant.
  17. Ancient Indian civilisation is the oldest in the world.

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