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Top 10 Places in India you are not allowed to Visit

Top 10 Places in India you are not allowed to Visit

Have you been into places where you are not allowed to visit there. If not, then we will take you to top 10 places in India where you are not allowed to visit. India is one of the largest countries in South Asia, which is famous for diverse culture.

Top 10 Banned Places in India

S.N Name of Banned Placed in India City
1 North Sentinal Andaman and Nicobar
2 UNO -IN Banglore
3 Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan
4 Siachen Glacier Karakoram
5 Chambal River Madhaya Pradesh
6 Bastar Chattisgarh
7 Cholamu Lake North Sikkim
8 Some segments of Nicobar Islands Nicobar
9 Barren Islands Andaman and Nicobar
10 Aksai Chin Jammmu and Kashmir

10 Places in India, you are not permission to visit

  • North Sentinal : – North Sentinal is a small part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The people of these places are called Sentinelese. It is said that they don’t have much knowledge about outside world. The entry to this place is prohibited by Indian Government. They keep attacking or protecting when outsiders indulge on their land.
  • UNO –IN-Hotel Banglore:- This hotel was open in 2012. Before the government closing on racial grounds only Japanese was allowed to enter. Indians were working on this hotel before shutdown.
  • Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan:- people can visit this fort but with certain conditions. The permission to this fort has been denied after sunset and before sunrise by government due to paranormal activities or ghosts.

  • Siachen Glacier:- This is the highest military point in the world and normal people are not permitted to visit in this place. This place can also be a hiding place for terrorists so it is dangerous to travel on these places even for common people.
  • Chambal River – Madhaya Pradesh:- This is one of the most beautiful places which showcases India’s scenic beauty. The Bollywood producer has been chosen this place for many films.
  • Bastar – Chattisgarh:- The district Bastar is famous for Naxalite activities by the redground. It is dangerous to visit here. The place is famous for its greenaries and sanctuaries.
  • Cholamu Lake:- This is also one another place in India, where common people are not allowed to visit. According to sources, you need special permission to enter here.
  • Some segments of Nicobar Islands:- Unlike the Andaman islands, the Nicobar Islands are untouched and pristine. UNESCO called this place as BIOSPHERE Reserve. This place is also habitat for birds and other ocean animals. It is very difficult to get permission to travel in this place.
  • Barren Islands:- No one have to permission to go inside of this islands.
  • Aksai Chin – Jammu and Kashmir:- Jammu and Kashmir is the territories place in the india.

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